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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Red Dye



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Red Dye

As players progress through the main quests of the characters of the valley, they will get to craft many unique items at the crafting station. Some of the items are straightforward forward but some are very confusing. One of the items that you will have to make during the quest named “The Club Rebewal” is Red Dye.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Red Dye in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What is Red Dye Required for?

Once players have leveled up Friendship level up to 10 with Minnie Mouse, they will unlock Minnie Mouse’s last quest named “The Club Renewal” in the current update. Minnie will like to gather her friends in a place where they can all get together. Minnie will tell you to craft a Cheerful Chums Club Banner under which they can all get together. However, the banner will require certain items and one of the items that you are going to craft is Red Dye.

Crafting Red Dye

Red Dye is not a natural resource or a general item that you can find somewhere in the Valley. However, you will have to craft Red Dye by gathering the required items for it. The materials that you want to gather for Red Dye are the following.

  • 1x Empty Vial
  • 2x Squid
  • 2x Garnet

An empty Vial is crafted with 3x Glass for which you are going to need 5x Sand and 1x Coal Ore. So, in order to craft 3x Glass, you will be needing a total of 15x Sand and 3x Coal Ore. Sand can be obtained by digging on the beach so go to the Dazzle Beach biome to obtain the sand. Coal Ores are obtained by mining the Black Colored Rocks along the boundary of all the biomes. Go to the crafting station to craft the Glass and then craft the Empty Vial with Glass. Once you have crafted the Empty Vial, the next thing that you need is Squids. Squids are found by fishing in the following biomes.

  • Glade of Trust
  • Forgotten Lands

Forgotten Lands is the last biome that players can unlock by spending 15,000 Dreamlight. If you have unlocked it then you can go there otherwise, go to the Glade of Trust biome to catch Squids. Look for the Blue Fishing Circles in the water and then throw the hook inside the Blue Circle to catch the Squid. You will get only one squid from one blue circle so you will have to find another one. If there is not another blue circle then wait for a while until the new blue circle spawns. Catch the other squid as well to complete the second thing require for Red Dye.

The last item you need is a Garnet which is the Red gem that can be found by mining the Black Colored Rocks in the Plaza and the Peaceful Meadow biomes. Equip the Picking Axe and start mining the rocks to get the Garnets. After getting all the items for Red Dye, go to the Crafting Station and select the Refined Material to find the Red Dye item. Select it and then craft it with the gathered materials.

After crafting the Red Dye, you will be able to craft the Cheerful Chums Club Banner and gather the characters in the Valley for a get-together.

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