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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get the Red Potato



Remy House

There are a lot of mysterious items in the Disney Dreamlight Valley that players can find throughout their gameplay. One of the mysterious items that are recently added to the game was Red Potato. It is very similar to the Golden Potato item and it also has its own Mysterious Quest that players can solve after getting the Red Potato.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Red Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting the Red Potato

The Mysterious Red Potato can only be found inside Remy’s House. If you have unlocked Remy by welcoming him into the village. You will have to place his House down in the village which will cost a hefty amount of Star Coins. Once you have done that, you will be able to get the Red Potato by going inside his House and interacting with a shining material near the counter or the fridge.

You will have to look for the shining item and if it is not showing you the item, you might have to upgrade Remy’s Restaurant or progress further into his questline. Since we obtained it by fully upgrading his Restaurant and after completing his Friendship Level 10 quest so, you can try that as well if it is not showing for you.

Red Potato

Once the shining item is showing inside his house, interact with it to collect the Red Potato. The description of the Red Potato is the following “A weird ingredient found in Remy’s Fridge. What recipe could be made from this?” It is better to not use the Red Potato in any recipe because it is the only one in the game.

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