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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Pet Companions



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Everything Confirmed So Far for the June Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update has a lot of new content for players and they also add extra things like interacting with lights and items in your house which can be useful to change the vibes of the house according to the player’s liking. They also added Petting mechanics in the game from which players will be able to pet their companions whenever they are summoned or following you.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Pet Companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pet Companions

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a lot of Animal Companions in the game whether by feeding the Animals to unlock them as Companions or by completing particular quests to unlock special Companions. One of the Special Companions that players can unlock is Pua by finding him in the quest for Moana. Players can feed random animals in all the biomes and if you feed them their favorite item they unlock as your Companions.

All the Companions can be seen in the Companions Section under the Wardrobe Tab. Players will be able to see all of their Animal Companions in the Companions Section and not only that, they can summon any unlocked Companion at their location at any time. To summon a companion, players will have to select the companion that they want to summon and it will be summoned.

Pet Companions

Now, the new addition in the latest update is that players will be able to pet their companions. Before that, players were not able to pet their companions but in the new update, players will get a “PET” option when they go near their companion. Players will only have to interact with the companion when the Pet option pops up on the screen and they will be able to pet the companion.

There is also a Pet Duty in the Festive Star Path and players will have to Pet an Animal Companion 5 times. So, to do that, they only have to summon an Animal Companion from their Companions list and interact with it 5 times to complete the duty. Completing the duty will give 15 Present Points to the players which can be used to claim items from the Festive Star Path tiers.

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