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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Secret Door



Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Secret Door

There are a lot of characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you can unlock them by unlocking the new areas around the valley and going into the different characters’ Realms in Dream Castle. All the characters would have different quests for you that’ll let you discover the mysteries of the valley.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find the secret door for Mickey in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Secret Door

Mickey will give you a quest named “The Secret Door” in which you’ll have to use your memory of mickey to find the Secret Door. The Secret Door is hidden in the Valley and Mickey will give you a Magical Chest at the start of the quest in which you’ll find the memory of that Door.

In order to see the memory, open your inventory and click on the Magical Chest and USE it. A Chest will appear in front of you and memory will be shown on a screen in which half of the door is visible behind a Curtain. So, it is clear that the door is hidden behind a curtain and you’ll have to find a curtain in the Valley.

As there are a lot of houses but none of them actually use Curtains for the windows or doors. One of the main places in the Valley is the Dream Castle and you’d be able to find the secret door inside the Dream Castle. If you enter the Dream Castle and look to your Right, you’ll see several bush plants. Go through the middle of those plants and you’ll see a Purple Curtain in front. Interact with the Curtain to reveal the secret door. The Secret Door will be locked and you’ll have to find different gems and put them in the door to open it.

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