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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Wanted: Aliens – Quest Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Wanted: Aliens – Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new major update has new characters from the Pixar universe and the Disney Universe and players will be able to complete their main questlines as they level up their Friendship level with the characters. One of the late quests for the new character Woody in the game is “Wanted: Aliens” which you need to complete in order to progress through his questline.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Wanted: Aliens quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Quest

The third main quest will require players to have unlocked the following biomes.

  • Dazzle Beach
  • Forest of Valor
  • Frosted Heights
  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau

Once players have unlocked all the required biomes then they will have to reach level 7 of Friendship with Woody to unlock the “Wanted: Aliens” quest.

Wanted: Aliens (Quest)

Once you have unlocked the quest, talk to Woody and he will give you the Claw Machine Pieces and The Claw. You will have to craft the Claw Machine and you need to gather the rest of the materials for it.

  • 10x Hardwood
  • 2x Iron Ingot
  • 12x Glass

Harwood can be found under the trees and Iron Ingots are crafted with Iron Ores and Coal Ores. Mine the Black Colored Rocks in the biomes to get the Iron Ores and Coal Ores. Glass is crafted with Sand and Coal Ores. Sand can be found on Dazzle Beach by digging on the beach or breaking the blue stones. Once you have gathered all the materials, go to any crafting station and go into the Functional Items tab to craft the Claw Machine.

hardwood disney

After crafting the Claw Machine, meet with Woody inside the Carousel to give him the Claw Machine. He will tell you to talk to Buzz to see if he knows about the Alien Toys. Open the map and see where Buzz is and then go to him to know about the Alien Toys. Talk to Buzz and he will tell you different locations of Alien Toys that he discovered. Buzz will tell you the following locations of the Alien Toys.

⦁ Under Dazzle Beach’s Sand (Dazzle Beach Biome)
⦁ Frozen in Ice near a Waterfall (Frosted Heights)
⦁ In the Ground near the Grand Willow (Glade of Trust)
⦁ In Scar’s Cave (Sunlit Plateau)

You need to go to the biomes and search for them in the locations where Buzz told you. Go to Dazzle Beach and use the Shovel to dig up the shining spot to get the Alien Toy. Go to the Forest of Valor and then use the bridge to get to Frosted Heights and you will see the frozen Alien Toy near the waterfall. Use the Picking Axe to break the ice and get the Alien Toy. Go to the Giant Willow in Glade of Trust and use the Shovel to dig up the shining spot to get the Alien Toy. Go into Scar’s Cave in Sunlit Plateau and you will find the Alien Toy in the cave.

aliens quests

Once you have gathered all the Alien Toys, go to Woody and give him the Alien Toys to conclude the quest.

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