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Disney Dreamlight Valley: What’s Bad for Business (Quest) – Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: What’s Bad for Business (Quest) – Walkthrough

After reaching Friendship Level 10 with Scrooge McDuck, you’ll get a quest named “What’s Bad for Business” in which Scrooge will tell you that he suspects Ursula is making deals with villagers that are affecting his business. You need to prove that Ursula is making deals with the villagers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the What’s Bad for Business quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What’s Bad For Business

After unlocking this last quest of Scrooge McDuck, talk to him and he’ll tell you to ask Ursula for a Catfish to see if she makes any kind of deal. Open the map and locate Ursula where she is and then go to her. Talk to Ursula and ask her for 1 Catfish. She’ll agree to give you Catfish but in exchange, you’ve to give her White and Red Hydrangea.

White and Red Hydrangea is a plant that can only be found on Dazzle Beach. Look for the plant on Dazzle Beach and then give the plant to Ursula. She’ll give you a Catfish in exchange and then you need to go back to Scrooge McDuck and give him the Catfish and tell him about what deal she made.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: What’s Bad for Business (Quest) – Walkthrough

Scrooge McDuck will go to Ursula to confront her about her Business Methods. You need to go and see Ursula with Scrooge McDuck and when you get there, Scrooge McDuck will be confronting Ursula. Listen to the conversation between Scrooge McDuck and Ursula. Make sure not to talk to anyone of them during their conversation. After that, talk to Scrooge to end the quest.

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