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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Where to Find Mystical Sword



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Mystical Sword

Mystical Sword is a quest item in Disney Dreamlight Valley that players will have to get during the “Boss Up” quest of Vanellope. Players will be using the Mystical Sword against other villagers to fight them… just in case.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you where to find the Mystical Sword in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Mystical Sword in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To find the Mystical Sword, players will have to go to the Forest of Valor biome. The Mystical Sword will be stuck in a rock like Excalibur, the mythical sword. However, the location of the Mystical Sword will not be marked on the map so, players will have to search around the biome to find the sword. We find our Mystical Sword at the Northwest corner of the Forest of Valor biome. We don’t know if this spawn location is for everybody or not but it is worth checking at the Northwest corner to find the Mystical Sword.

Once players have found the Mystical Sword, they will have to get it out of the rock. To do that, players must equip the Royal Shovel and dig on the rock. By doing that, a clothing bag will drop on the ground which players will have to pick up and then use. Using it will unlock “Pixel Sword & Shield” that players can equip on their character’s back.

Open the wardrobe to equip the Pixel Sword & Shield to equip the Mystical Sword and progress in the quest.

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