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Dream Suite might be heading to Animal Crossing: New Horizons



Save data backups, Dream suite, Vegetable progress found in the Summer update for Animal Crossing

If you’re a big fan of Animal Crossing series you’d probably be happy to know that your favorite feature Dream suite could be coming to New Horizons.

If you’re new to Animal Crossing, then you must know that about Dream suite.

Dream Suite is a store in the Animal Crossing series. The store is run by Luna. It is located between the Fortune Shop and Club LOL. It is a Public Works Project, unlocked after building one project and catching Isabelle asleep at her desk. The player must also have been online at least once. It will cost 234,000 bells.

According to your favorite data miner Ninji, Dream suite might be heading to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Ninji said, ” I think Nintendo is bringing back the Dream Suite from New Leaf, and here’s why”. Furthermore, he revealed some codes that indicated this feature.

Here’s some of the more interesting names seen in the code that may relate to the Dream Suite:

  • mMtPlayerVillagersNum
  • mMtNpcVillagers
  • mMtFirstUploadTime
  • mMtCurUploadTime
  • mMtWeatherArea
  • mMtGameRegion
  • mShareUrl

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