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Dying Light 2: Level up fast and unlock new skills – that’s how it works



Dying Light 2: Level up fast and unlock new skills - that's how it works

Dying Light 2 was released on February 4, 2022, and zombie fans are hopping happily through the post-apocalypse. We will help you to jump from roof to roof as smoothly as possible and to bite the chewing bar of the nasty biters properly.

In this guide, you’ll learn the quickest way to earn XP for combat and parkour skills so you can take advantage of the game’s rich range of moves and actions. So it shouldn’t be about the player levels that give you access to higher tier gear. But don’t worry, this level also increases automatically

These activities bring extra XP

First of all: You will level up the fastest if you follow the main story of Dying Light 2 at the beginning. The combat and parkour XP paid out there bring you your first skills in no time at all. You will also get the inhibitors there by far the fastest, with which he increases your basic stamina and life energy.

In the GRE research facilities scattered around the map, there are inhibitors and 2,000 combat and parkour XP on top of that. But visit them at night, because then there are significantly fewer zombies loitering around. Search the facility, pay attention to the immunity timer and loot all the crates. Then the big XP boost is yours too.

In addition to the missions and GRE facilities, there are also special activities that give you a fair amount of Parkour and Combat XP in Dying Light 2. We’ll show you what they are.

This will give you lots of combat XP

  • fight! Whether it’s stuffy biters or nasty bandits, every fight brings you experience points.
  • Use the unlocked combat skills: A spirited dropkick or knocking out from behind will add a lot to your experience account.
  • Use bonuses: pieces of equipment, i.e. your clothing, can have different buffs for combat XP. Logically, the higher the percentage bonus from the clothing, the more Combat EXP you collect in Dying Light 2.
  • For experienced players: go to military convoys and clear the area of ​​the undead. It may take a while, but the necessary battles bring you valuable loot and a lot of combat XP.

This is how you get lots of Parkour XP

  • jump! Use Aiden’s wide range of moves to rack up lots of Parkour XP. In addition to jumping over roofs, the use of zip lines, swing ropes and trampolines also counts.
  • Build parkour into the fights: change levels, dodge – everything brings you a lot of experience points for your parkour ability.
  • Use Bonuses: Some gear in Dying Light 2 grants big bonuses to Parkour XP. Equip them if you want to level up faster.

This will give you both XP variants

  • Participate in World Events: In Dying Light 2, blue markers indicate limited-time events near you. Help the survivors or defeat the enemies to get a big boost to Parkour and Combat XP.
  • Defeat special infected: fugitives, fiends and co. in your area are marked with a blue symbol in the HUD. Defeat the monsters and enjoy a bonus to your Skill XP.
  • Complete main and side missions: As nice as it can be to roam freely in the world – the fastest way to level up your skills is to follow the stories.

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