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Elden Ring: All Legendary Ashen Remains



Elden Ring: All Legendary Ashen Remains

In Elden Ring, there are many things that you get other than weapons that you can use in your fights throughout the game. You get Incantations, Sorceries, Talismans, Ashes of War, Ashen Remains, etc. Today in this guide, we’re going to tell you how you can get all the legendary Ashen remains in the game.

Legendary Ashen Remains

There is a total of 6 legendary Ashen Remains that you can get in Elden Ring. These summon spirits will help you get through the tough enemies in the game without sweating much in the game.

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff is a powerful summon spirit and you can get it by going to the Sainted Hero’s Grave Site of Grace.

Elden Ring: All Legendary Ashen Remains

Before entering the Hero’s Grave you’re going to encounter a Black Knife Assassin mini-boss and after defeating them you can enter the Hero’s grave. You need to kill the grave leader first inside this place and after that boss’s door will unlock, then defeat the boss to get this legendary Ashen Remain.

Lhutel, The Headless

You can get this summon spirit by defeating the boss at the Tombsward Catacombs. Just go to this location and inside the catacombs and you’ll encounter the boss that will drop you this legendary summon spirit.

Elden Ring: All Legendary Ashen Remains

Redmane Knight Ogha

This one is an overpowered archer summon that is really good in attacking the enemies from a distance and dealing a good amount of damage. You can get this by going to the War-Dead Catacombs and defeating the boss.

Elden Ring: All Legendary Ashen Remains

This boss is tough so, you might want to have some powerful weapons to kill him with, you can come here after defeating General Radhan and kill Putrid Tree Spirit which is the boss in War-Dead Catacombs. This boss will drop you the legendary Ashen Remain and a Golden Seed as well to level up your flask.

Black Knife Tiche

You can get this Black Knife Assassin Summon spirit by defeating Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader at the Ringleader’s Evergoal in western Liurnia of the Lakes. All you need to do is go to this location and enter the Evergoal to defeat the boss and you’ll get the legendary Ashen Remain.

Elden Ring: All Legendary Ashen Remains

Mimic Tear

Mimic Tear is a summon the spirit of yourself and if you are pretty buff on the stats then this Ashen Remain is literally the best. You can get this spirit from the Nokron, Eternal City. Go to Ancestral Woods site of grace because it is the closest grace from the location of the spirit.

Elden Ring: All Legendary Ashen Remains

You need a Stonesword Key to get this Spirit so, make sure that you have one. Go down from the grace and jump off a few rooftops and you’re going to come across an old ruined wall, come across this wall, and jump down into a building and there is a pathway on the right side behind the statues. Go into the pathway and use the Stonesword Key and kill the guard and you’ll find the Mimic Tear inside the chest.

Cleanrot Knight Finlay

You’ll get this last legendary Ashen Remain in Elphael, Brace of Haligtree. This is one of the end-game areas. Once you’ve unlocked this area the exact location of this Ashen Remain is shown in the image.

Elden Ring: All Legendary Ashen Remains

Make your way there and there’ll be a knight guarding this spirit, kill the knight and you’ll find this spirit in the chest.

These are all the legendary Ashen Remains that you can get in the game that’ll get you through the game more easily.

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