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Elden Ring: How to Get Albinauric Mask



Elden Ring: How to Get Albinauric Mask

In Elden Ring, there are different helmets and masks that you can get throughout the game. These items can be found as a reward by doing a quest or they can be found in some place for which you have to do a lot of exploring. In this guide, we’ll tell you about a mask that you can get in this game.

How to Get Albinauric Mask

Albinauric Mask is like a frog-looking mask and it is the funniest mask in the game and it’s hilarious. To get this mask you need to go to the Volcano Manor place in the Mount Gelmir Region. In the Volcano Manor talk to Tanith and she will give you Drawing Room key that’ll open a secret door passage to a dungeon.

Now go to the most west building and you’ll reach a Guest Hall Site of Grace from there you just want to go through the hallway up to the stairs and out of the storeroom.

Elden Ring: How to Get Albinauric Mask

Turn hard left out of the storeroom and go back of the building and carefully drop on the ledge and Albinauric Mask and Albinauric Staff will be in the room. There’ll also be a guy in the room so just kill him before picking the items and that’ll be all to getting this Albinauric mask.

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