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Elden Ring: All West Limgrave Bosses Locations



Elden Ring: All West Limgrave Bosses Locations

First, you need to find the map of West Limgrave. For this, you have to go to the Gatefront Ruins. In Gatefront Ruins from the main door of the ruins, right down the path, you’ll see a pilgrim to your left. You have to go the pilgrim and there is an item you just have to pick up the item and you’ll receive the west limgrave map. If you also want to know the locations of East Limgrave Bosses, you can read here.

All West Limgrave Main Bosses and Mini Bosses

You’re now good to go and find all the bosses in the West Limgrave. The locations for the bosses are pinned on the map as follow:

All bosses elden ring

Soldier of Godrick

Soldier of Godrick is the first boss of the game. He is also the tutorial boss and he’s pretty easy to kill. You just have to follow the tutorial kill the boss easily and you’re good to go.

Tree Sentinel

Tree Sentinel is the second boss of the game. As soon as you’re done with the tutorial, you’ll find Tree Sentinel in the plains. The best way to go about this boss is if you take a fight with him as a new player it can be hard for you. So, the best way to go about this boss is first you unlock your Spectral Steed and maybe get a few level ups and then you can come back to the plains and fight the Tree Sentinel boss. You can easily defeat him by using this approach.

Beastman of Farum Azula

You have to go inside the cave at the given location on the map. As soon as you’re in the cave you’ll face the next boss that is Beastman of Farum Azula.

Burial Tree Watch Dog

The next main boss is the stormfoot catacombs that are located west of the cave where you’ve killed the Beastman of Farum Azula. This boss is a Dog that jumps the tactic to dodge his jump attacks that you roll when he does jump attack. With this trick, you can easily counterattack him and vanish him easily.

Bloodhound Knight Darriwil

The next boss Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is found at the top of the mountain of Stormhill that is right above the Beastman’s cave. There is like a prison there where you will go and you’ll be faced with Darriwil. Darriwil is a fast mobile boss, he moves really fast. So, the tactic for defeating this boss is that you attack and roll. You can use the attack and roll tactic to defeat this main boss.

Pumpkin Head

The next boss is the Pumpkin Head boss which can be found at the given location on the map. In the area where he impulsively remains to be unknown. Pumpkinhead is also a fairly fast movement boss and he does headbutts that are really damaging to health. The key tactic is also to use the roll when he’s doing the headbutts and then attack him fast as he’s given you the time after his headbutts. This way you can try and defeat the Pumpkin Head main boss.

Flying Dragon Agheel

The next main boss is the Flying Dragon named Agheel. You can find Agheel in the lake as shown in the location on the map. Agheel is extremely mobile as he’s flying and will also attack flying. For dodging his attacks you can use your Spectral steed to dodge his attacks but also attach him. The tactic to defeat Agheel is you can ride your Spectral steed and attack him in his legs or if you get a chance to attack him on his face. This way you can kill the Dragon boss Agheel.

Stonedigger Troll

The next boss is stonedigger troll which can be found inside the limgrave tunnels at the given location on the map. To get in face to face with the Stonedigger Troll, you will have to jump from the second elevator of dungeon. You will have to go left in the courtyard and you’ll see another elevator you’ll have to go down that elevator and you’ll reach the boss fight.

The tactic for stonedigger Troll is to use your spells in the fight and when he’s attacking roll from his combo attack and hit him in his legs and combo it with your spells. This way you can easily defeat him.

Demi-Human Chief

The next box location is shown on the map, you have to inside the dissenter’s cave to find him. The fight will start on the beach and it will also take the fight to the dragon shrine island where after defeating the boss you will receive your gift. These are two bosses, so you’ll have to fight them both at the same time. Small enemies will also interfere in the fight with the main bosses. So, you’ll have to kill the small and the main bosses for this fight.

Grave Warden

The next boss you will find is inside the murk water catacombs. The entrance to the catacombs is at the south at the given location of the map. The Grave Warden has the most complicated and long attack combo. The tactic to win this boss fight is you wait out his attack combo and then counter-attack him next. You can also use magic mixed with your attacks to get you a better chance at winning this boss fight.

Margit the Fell Omen

The next boss location is at the entrance of the Stormhill castle. At the entrance you’ll face Margit the fell omen, She will also then give you access to some mini-bosses. Margit was also the final boss in the beta version. Margit is very hard to defeat in one-on-one combat. She has a lot of attack combos. The trick to winning the fight with Margit is you can summon wolves and use them with you to help you in attacks and you can also use Spells to help you in attacking. This way it will be way easier to defeat Margit rather than doing a one-on-one fight with Margit.

Many armed key Master(mini boss)

The next one is a mini-boss that you’ll find in the Stormveil castle shown in the given location on the map. He’s pretty easy to defeat. After you’ve defeated the boss You’ll receive a rusty key. Which can be used to progress further in the game.

Lion’s Guardian

The next one is also a mini-boss that you’ll also find in the stormveil castle. You will find him in the open courtyard. You can defeat him easily and you’re good to go. You’ve completed the bosses at the stormveil castle.

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