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Elden Ring: Best complete Vagabond Build with Attributes



Elden Ring: Best complete Vagabond Build with Attributes

The vagabond character’s main stat is Vigor, the soul level is 9, the strength of 14, and the dexterity of 13. So, basically how this works is you’ve got a lot of health and you can wield some of the bigger weapons by having decent strength and dexterity.

Elden Ring: Best complete Vagabond Build with Attributes

You also have a quality endurance of 11. Now after selecting vagabond as your character choose Golden Seed as your keepsake because you get an extra flask.

Now the weapons you start with are a long sword and a halberd, the halberd is okay but the long sword is the real quality starting weapon. The Heater Shield is also a very good starting weapon as it has 100 physical resistances so you can block all the damage coming towards you because you have decent strength and can do a ton of blocks. Now for the armor, it is the Vagabond Knight armor which is quality again so you can tank some of those hits that are coming towards you.

vagabond elden ring

Upgrading Attributes

For your attributes, Strength is the key here with a little bit of Dexterity if you want to equip some of the different weapons but Strength is the focus, and then Vigor and Endurance as your two secondary stats. Vigor is obviously for your health so you can tank some of the hits but endurance will be really beneficial for you. You’ll increase your equipped load so you won’t be heavy rolling when you equip some of the heavier weapons as well as the heavier armor. It’ll also increase your stamina and because we want to be tanking that damage into our stamina rather than our health. Having a high number of stamina is beneficial also to help you dodge some attacks if you are blocking and you want to actually initiate a dodge to really get away from something you want to have initial stamina so you can do that.

Upgrading Attributes


The starting weapons that you get are not powerful enough to progress further far ahead in the game so, what you can do is to switch to more powerful weapons that you can get it early in the game and carry on with them to even far in the game.

The first weapon is Bloodhound Fang, it is extremely overpowered just because of its one ability. Which allows you to dodge backward while attacking and then go back in and attack at the same time. While you doing this in between those stages when you’re attacking you actually get invincibility frames, when you dodge backward and when you dodge back in.


It is a very big advantage, especially on bosses who have that one big slam move. If you time this right you can deal so much damage without the boss even being able to do anything back. It also does a blood loss effect so it is a very strong weapon. You can get this sword by defeating a boss at this location.

Elden Ring: Best complete Vagabond Build with Attributes

Now once you’re fighting the boss, I recommend going straight for him as he spawns and not letting up on him because he is easily staggered so that means you can kind of stun lock him.

The other weapon that you can switch to is actually a curved sword, now any curved sword can really do as long as it has a slot for an Ash of War. Because it’s not the curved sword that will do good for you but actually the Ash of War that you can put on it. You can also put that Ash of War on to other weapons as long swords but that is up to you which weapon you want to choose.

Now, this Ash of War is really strong but it does take away a little bit of your health. Don’t be discouraged about the loss of little health. You kind of got to think about your health like mana pool that you just got to make sure that you keep up. You can keep your health above 70% at all times but that’s up to you. But obviously, never use it on the low health because it can be a little disadvantage for you so use it once you are fully healed or above the HP that you can handle. But the damage output of this is just crazy that it’s just worth it of the loss of little health.

Now you can get this Ash of War early in the game from Fort Haight. You’ll get it after defeating a knight at the Fort. Now the great thing about this weapon is that it also builds bleed so if the meter goes all the way to the top, it means your enemy will take a lot of damage. Now, this weapon also pairs great with the Bloodhound Fang just because the Bloodhound Fang also builds up bleed so if you start off with this weapon and then turn to your Bloodhound Fang immediately, you can basically make them bleed in no time.

Elden Ring: Best complete Vagabond Build with Attributes

Now if it comes to the ranged weapons, I’d use the Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow you can get it really early in the game at the round table. Just go to the fog gate, use the Stonesword key and there is a chest in that room just open the chest and you’ll get it.

Elden Ring: Best complete Vagabond Build with Attributes


The Vagabond actually does start off with a pretty decent shield that has 100 physical damage. There are better shields out there in the world you can explore and find better ones. But the main thing you need to do with the shield is to find the Ash of War that is called No Skill.

No Skill allows you to use your right-hand weapon as the main Ash of War instead of you parrying with your shield or whatever else your shield has available.

Now in this location right here you have the war master. The war master sells you the No Skill Ash of War.

Elden Ring: Best complete Vagabond Build with Attributes


Now the summons is very useful in the difficult fight as they distract your enemy towards them and you easily hit them with the crucial attack or heal yourself safely. You can get a summons from the lady at the round table and she can upgrade your summons as well. She has a lot of summons for defense, attacks, etc.


There are a lot of great Talismans that you can find and it is also very useful for this build. If you go to Road to Manor site of grace, you’ll find a giant and he can sell you the talisman name Carian Filigreed Crest. What this talisman does is that it lowers the FP that is consumed by the skills. So if you are using skills more often it’s a very great talisman.

Now you can get other great talismans as well as there is a Green Turtle talisman which is very crucial for dexterity or even a heavy build because you’ll regain your stamina a lot faster than what you usually would.

You can get this talisman at Summonwater Village and you’ll need a stonesword key and there’ll be a boss also which you can go around and just open the chest and get the talisman.

Now if you head over to this location, you’ll actually be able to get Blessed Dew Talisman. There’ll be a chest open it and it will teleport you to a place with a Golem, fight the golem if you want or you can just grab it which is to be on his right and you’ll get the Blessed Dew Talisman.

Now what this Talisman actually does is that it heals you very slowly over time. It doesn’t heal you that much but what it does is helps you against the poison. So, you don’t have to use your potions over and over if you are in the poison area. You’ll lose health at a very less rate and slowly so it basically helps a lot in the poison areas.

This is one of the best builds for the Vagabond you can make changes in it as you like it but it’ll help you get through the game.

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