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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Starting Guide following Stages, Bosses, and Powers



Kirby and the Forgotten Land Starting Guide following Stages, Bosses, and Powers

There are different phases of the game and also you have to fight with bosses. You’ll have different powers as well in the game. All of this is explained below.

Tips to Start the game

When you start the game, you’ll have to choose from two difficulties, either you can choose Breeze or you can choose Wild. In the Breeze difficulty, the fighting will be easier and you’ll have more lives but you’ll get fewer star coins. If you choose the Wild difficulty, the fighting will be harder and you’ll also have fewer lives but you’ll get more star coins.

In each stage, you have to complete the different missions in order to progress further into the game. You can explore and find different things or maybe can find gift codes around the stages. If you haven’t completed a mission to 100%, you can always come back and complete it.

All of your powers are upgradeable and they do far more damage and are easy to defeat the enemies. You can do a special Interaction with the powers if you hold the B button.


You have land areas that have different sub-stages in them, you have to complete all the land stages to get to the end game.

Natural Plains

  • Point of arrival
  • Downtown Grassland
  • A trip to Alivel Mall
  • Through the Tunnel
  • Rocky Rollin’ Road
  • The Brawl at the Mall

Everbay Coast

  • Abandoned Beach
  • Concrete Isles
  • Scale the Cement Summit
  • Fast-Flowing Waterworks
  • The Tropical Terror

Wondaria Remains

  • Welcome to Wondaria
  • Circuit Speedway
  • Invasion at the House of Horrors
  • The Wondaria Dream Parade
  • Danger under the Big Top

Winter Horns

  • Northeast Frost Street
  • Metro on Ice
  • Windy, Freezing Sea
  • The battle of Blizzard Bridge
  • An unexpected Beast King

Originull Wasteland

  • The wastes where life Began
  • Searching the Oasis
  • Alivel Mall (staff side)
  • Moonlight Canyon
  • Collector in the Sleepless valley

Redgar Forbidden Lands

  • Enter the Fiery Forbidden lands
  • Conquer the inferno road
  • Burning, Churning power plant
  • Gathering the Beast Council
  • The Beast pack’s final stand
  • In the Presence of the King


Here is the list of all the bosses that you will have to fight to get to the end game.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Starting Guide following Stages, Bosses, and Powers
  • Wild Edge
  • Gorimondo
  • Wild Frosty
  • Wild Bonkers
  • Fleurina
  • Tropic Woods
  • Clawroline
  • Metal Knight
  • Sillydillo
  • King Dedede
  • Forgo Dedede
  • Leongar
  • Fecto Forgo
  • Fecto Elfilis
  • Phantom Gorimondo
  • Phantom Tropic Woods
  • Phantom Clawroline
  • Phantom king Dedede
  • Phantom Forgo Dedede
  • Phantom Sillydillo
  • Forgo Leon
  • Morpho Knight
  • Phantom Meta Knight
  • Chaos Elfilis


There is a wild range of Evolutions that the power Kirby can equip can be used in battles and in different missions.

Evolutions kirby and the forgotten land
  • Ranger
  • Noble Ranger
  • Space Ranger
  • Hammer
  • Toy Hammer
  • Wild Hammer
  • Masked Hammer
  • Crash
  • Time Crash
  • Fire
  • Volcano Fire
  • Dragon Fire
  • Cutter
  • Chakram Cutter
  • Buzz-Saw Cutter
  • Swrod
  • Gigant Sword
  • Meta knight Sword
  • Morpho knight Sword
  • Bomb
  • Chain Bomb
  • Homing Bomb
  • Tornado
  • Fleur Tornado
  • Storm Tornado
  • Drill
  • Pencil Drill
  • Twin Drill
  • Sleep
  • Deep Sleep
  • Needle
  • Clutter Needle
  • Crystal Needle
  • Ice
  • Frosty Ice
  • Blizzard Ice


  • Roller-Coaster
  • Light-bulb
  • Car
  • Pipe
  • Ring
  • Vending Machine
  • Arch
  • Scissor-Lift
  • Cone
  • Water Balloon
  • Stairs
  • Storage
  • Dome
  • Big-Rig

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