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Kirby and the Forgotten land: Rocky Rollin’ Road – Guide 100% Completion



Kirby and the Forgotten land: Rocky Rollin’ Road - Guide 100% Completion

Rocky Rollin’ Road is a stage in this game and you have to do certain missions to complete this stage. There is a total of 4 missions that you have to do to complete this mission. You can also pick up collectibles along the missions. In this guide, we’ll cover everything for you at this stage.


  • Save the 4 hidden Waddle Dees in Rocky Rollin’ Road
  • Find the side road while going uphill.
  • Eat snacks off 3 tree stumps.
  • Drive without falling off the edge.

Tree Stump Snack (1/3)

Once you load into the stage, go ahead and you’ll see a tree stump on the left and there’ll be a baguette on the tree stump.

Tree Stump Snack (2/3)

Go ahead and up on the first yellow ladder after climbing the ladder there’ll be bananas on a tree stump just to the left.

Waddle Dee (1/4)

After passing the set of rolling stones there’ll be a target on the tree and also there’ll be a ranger on the ground if you have already the ranger ability just hit the ranger with the charged shot. If don’t inhale the ranger and you’ll get the ability then shoot with charged shot on the target and the first hidden waddle dee will appear. Go near him and free him.

Find the Side Road While Going Uphill

When you go up the ladder the stones roll up from the hill, just follow the stars and when you pick up the red star on the right side of the hill there’ll be a sparkling spot, and when you touch it you’ll get a coin and a path will appear just go right.

Gotcha Capsule (1/2)

Go up the ladder and go ahead and you’ll see a mouthful option by doing it you’ll find the gotcha capsule collectible.

Waddle Dee (2/4)

Now when you reach the bridge shoot the ranger with the ranger’s ability and just in front, you’ll see a flying target shoot the target and the secret path will appear and the door will open.

As you go to the door and come out the other side, just go ahead and up the ladder and there’ll be 5 flying targets and they are flying down at a slow speed. You have to shoot all of them before they fly down if they go down then you have to go through the secret door and come in again to reset it.

Once you have done it then a chest will appear open the chest and you’ll free the second hidden Waddle Dee.

Tree Stump Attack (3/3)

As you come out of the door then go left from the bridge jump on the ledge and then jump on the other side. You’ll see a tree stump but no snack on it but there’ll be a sparkling spot on the rock just before the tree stump. Just jump over the sparkling spot and the milk will appear on the tree stump.

Waddle Dee (3/4)

As you go ahead from the tree stump, a big boulder starts coming down on you. You just have to run straight down and you’ll see a crack on the floor and a switch ahead also. Jump on the switch and when you’ll hit it, the waddle dee appears on the bench on the left side. If you don’t hit the switch the boulder will break the switch.

Drive Without Falling Off the Edge

As you come down, you’ll see a car and you can mouthful it. Use the ability and go ahead and press B to turbo dash and smash through the boxes. Stick to the wall so you don’t fall into the water below.

Waddle Dee (4/4)

Go ahead and pass the rolling stones and you have to make a jump so, press A to jump on the other side.

As you reach the other there’ll be another jump and on the other side and after the jump there’ll be a building and inside the building, there’ll be a fourth waddle dee that you have to free. So, as you make the jump then press B to turbo dash straight into the building.

You’ll find the last Waddle Dee inside as you break through the wall of the building.

Gotcha Capsule (2/2)

Now go ahead and there’ll be boulders coming down on the hill just go up the hill and you’ll see a clearing stage cage but before you do that. Break the boxes on the back of the clearing stage cage with the car and you’ll get the gotcha capsule collectible.

Clear the Stage

Now spit out of the car and grab the cage to clear the stage.

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