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Kirby and the Forgotten Lands: All Endings + Secret Ending



Kirby and the Forgotten Lands: All Endings + Secret Ending

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has multiple endings and all the different endings can be accessed through post-game content. There are different bosses in this game that you have to defeat throughout the different worlds in the game. In this guide we’ll tell you about all the endings to this game and how can you unlock them.

Normal Ending

To unlock the Normal Ending, you have to defeat the Fecto Elfilis in a boss fight. Once you’ve defeated him Fecto Elfilis will try to summon Planet Popstar through a magical portal to crash it into the Forgotten Land. After the credits, there’ll be a scene where Kirby and Elfilin reunite. They jump into the rift between the worlds where they have to shut down this portal together and all of this will be in post-game content.

True Ending

For the true ending, you’ll have to travel to the Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams and you have to collect Leongar’s soul to rescue him. You’ll find these souls throughout the stages. There is a total of 300 Leon’s souls from which you have to collect 250 in order to release him. After you’ve got 250 souls you unlocked the final stage called Forgo Land. Here you’ll get to free the Leongar but the Soul Forgo will take control of the Leongar and you have to defeat him.

After you defeat Forgo Leon, Soul Forgo will leave the body of Leongar and he’ll take control of the local butterfly. He will transform into the Morpho Knight and now you’ll have to defeat the Morpho Knight in order to unlock the True Ending of the game.

Secret Ending

After you’ve defeated the Morpho Knight the Soul Forgo will escape and with the Knight’s DNA they will become stronger and they make their return as the final opponent of the Ultimate Cup Z. It will be Chaos Elfilis that you fight as the final boss of the game. After you’ve defeated him, Chaos Elfilis will turn white with consumed souls and burst into little white particles.

100% Complete

Once you have completed the Ultimate Cup Z, go to the Waddle Dee Live Corner and donate coins to them. The last Donation will be of 2000 Coins. Donate and you’ll get a 100% Clear screen.

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