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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: The easiest way to farm rare stones



Kirby and the Forgotten Land: The easiest way to farm rare stones

In Kirby and the Forgotten land, you need Star Coins and Rare stones in order to upgrade your Skills and Abilities throughout the game. You get Star coins for every stage you clear so it is pretty easy to get the coins but the Rare Stones are not that easy to get. You can only get them by doing certain stages and clearing certain events throughout the game. As you need Rare Stones and Star Coins for the upgrade of your abilities which are really important as you progress through the game. So, in this guide, we’ll tell you about the easiest way to Farm Rare Stones.

Farm Rare Stones

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, if you got a rare stone from a place or from a certain stage you cannot get it again by repeating the stage. You’ll only get star coins for completing the stage again. But there is a way to bank yourself rare stones and it’s something you can repeat over and over again.

So, what you want to do is go to the Colosseum, there are a couple of tournaments to take on so, if you beat the first tournament, you’ll get yourself 500 Star Coins and a Rare Stone. But the funny thing is that every time you take on that tournament, you’ll get yourself another Rare Stone.

You can keep on farming rare stones like that as much as you want. But if you want to move on with the tournament, there’ll be an ultimate tournament after that in which you can also get a Rare Stone by beating the tournament but it will be much more difficult and it would be less easy to farm the rare stones. So, the first tournament which will be the Meta Knight Cup would be the best option for farming rare stones in Kirby and the Forgotten Lands.

Other ways to get Rare Stone

There are many ways that you can get Rare Stone but once you have collected from that place or stage you cannot get another one by repeating it.

Treasure Roads

The most usual way is to do the treasure roads for every world in the game. There is a total of 56 Treasure Stages in 6 worlds. There are like three difficulties level for these stages, some are one star, some are two stars, and some are three stars. But you’ll get only 1 Rare stone from each stage which would get you a total of 56 Rare stones.

Waddle Dee Town

You can get a few Rare Stones in the Waddle Dee town and they are hidden so you have to find them.

Forgo Land

You’ll be going to find some of the Rare Stones in the Forgotten Land when you’re going out to try to find Leon’s souls.

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