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Rune Factory 5: How to get and craft Cold Medicine



Rune Factory 5: How to get and craft Cold Medicine

Rune Factory is very phenomenal when it comes to its open sandbox RPG. Rune Factory 5 tries to mimic the lifestyle and makes it a part of its world. It’s trying to copy really life casualties like getting ill in the game. So, you’re free, and it’s up to you to treat your illness when you get one, like when you get ill and you get cold in the game. You will have to find Cold Medicine to treat your cold.

There are two ways you can get cold medicine to cure a cold if your character has it.

  • Rigbarth Clinic
  • Crafting Cold Medicine

Rigbarth Clinic

In Rigbarth Town, you have to explore and you will make your way to the Rigbarth Clinic which is your solution for illness. In this case to cure a cold.

Cold Medicine is not available at the Rigbarth Clinic by default. To get the cold medicine available at the Rigbarth Clinic, you would have to upgrade the Rigbarth Clinic. Your list of Simone’s will be upgraded with the Rigbarth Clinic upgrade. Simone will also learn vaccines with the Clinic upgrade and you can buy the vaccines off of Simone and they will boost your stats, immunities, and statuses.

Upgrading Rigbarth Clinic

To upgrade the Rigbarth Clinic you need to go to Palmo and you need to buy the Rigbarth Clinic upgrade from him. The upgrade requires 8000G, 500 SEED points, 50 physical stones, and 50 Lumber(woods). After you’ve upgraded the first level expansion of the Rigbarth Clinic, you will unlock the Cold Medicine. You can now go to Simone and check with her and you will now have new items and vaccines on Simone’s list at the Rigbarth Clinic.

Buying Cold Medicine from Simone

Now that you’ve upgraded the Rigbarth Clinic, check-in with Simone and you can buy the Cold Medicine from Simone’s inventory. You can buy cold medicine from Simone for 1000G. So, a total you will need 9000G to buy and upgrade the Rigbarth Clinic.

Buying Cold Medicine from Simone

Crafting the Cold Medicine

You will need to reach skill level 22, you can craft the cold medicine. You will require the cold medicine chemistry recipe. You will need Orange Grass and Toyherb ingredients to craft the cold medicine.

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