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Rune Factory 5: Increase Ryker’s Hearts and How to Marry him



Rune Factory 5: Increase Ryker’s Hearts and How to Marry him

Ryker is one of the Bachelor Characters in the game. He spends his daytime building furniture at Studio palmo. You’ll meet him there in the daytime. If you want furniture for your home, Ryker’s is the person to go to, he’ll gladly help you. Increasing the friendship level with Ryker is the same as with any other character. Increasing friendship will increase the hearts which you can see on the menu.

Increase Hearts

You can do many things to increase the percentage of the friendship level. To start off just talk to Ryker once a day and use a greeting spell at him once a day. It’ll increase the percentage of the friendship level.

Give gifts to Ryker that he likes. He likes Popcorn, French fries, Sweet Potato, Toast, and Glazed Yam. Give him one of the gifts that he likes and on top of that, you can also give him the gift that he loves. He loves Ice Cream. Give two gifts once a day you’ll get a good percentage increase in the friendship level.

You can invite Ryker to your party when you reach level 3 friendship with Ryker. Just talk to him and invite him to your party and 1 hour in-game give you 1% percentage in the friendship level. It is also a very good and fast way to increase hearts. You can even go to sleep and wake up Ryker would still be with you giving you the increase in percentage.

You can win festivals which will increase the friendship level for all the romanceable characters. Once you have reached level 7 with Ryker, you can confess to him your feelings and you can start dating Ryker. Ryker will give you time and place for a date and just go there on time and it’ll also give you a lot of percentage in friendship level.

Marriage Requirements

To marry Ryker there are some requirements that you have to fulfill then he will be agreed to marry you. So, on the map, there will be pink icons which will be Ryker’s events and they are three in total. You have to complete them all. You have to meet everyone in Rigbarth. Complete the Ryker’s Final Story event. You should have friendship level 10. When you unlocked the recipe for the engagement ring, make an engagement ring for him and you must have a double bed.


Avoid the things that Ryker doesn’t like because if you give a gift to him that he doesn’t like you’ll lose your percentage of friendship level with him. Ryker doesn’t like Curry Rice, Curry Manju, Curry Udon. He also hates Royal Curry so, don’t ever gift him one of those things.

When you got a date with Ryker just go on time, if you go late, it’ll make Ryker angry and you’ll lose a hefty amount of friendship level with Ryker.

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