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Rune Factory 5: Easiest making for OP Gear Build



Rune Factory 5: Easiest making for OP Gear Build

You have to go on many different adventures in Rune Factory 5, whether it’s a requested task or you are looking to catch some monsters, you can encounter some dangerous monsters along the road so you should have good gear to tank some hits. Gear and skills are very important in Rune Factory 5 as you can do many things with the new upgraded skills. New skills also unlock different recipes that you can use to make yourself new gear for your troubles on the road.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how can you make yourself a simple OP gear for your adventures.

OP Broadsword Build

You can make yourself weapons by using the forging station. But before you go to the forging station you need to get some things from which you can make the OP Broadsword. Make sure to get a level 10 iron and 14 Level 10 Broadswords. We are going to use all the level 10 swords to upgrade a single Broadsword into OP Broadsword. Go to the forging station and choose to make a new weapon and select make a short sword and then select the Broadsword type.

Place your level 10 Broadswords with the level 10 Iron and make a new Broadsword with higher stats but this does not finish here. Now quit forging and access the station again and select upgrade a weapon. Now choose the Broadsword that you have made it would be level 1 as you have just made it but it has the most stats than all the level 10 broadswords that you have, place it in the Upgrade items section and select any other level 10 broadsword for Ingredients and upgrade it. Your Broadsword will go to level 2 now from level 1. Now keep repeating this process by putting your broadsword in the upgrade item section and choosing other broadswords for ingredients. Just do it with extra care because you don’t want to put the wrong broadsword in the wrong section.

Once you start doing it right you going to see your Broadsword stats go like crazy and it would be an OP Broadsword for your adventure. You can use this Broadsword in pretty much any fight and dominate the enemy.

OP Shield Build

Now with the OP Sword, you should have an OP Shield as well and you can make the shield in the same way as you did with the Sword. Get a Level 10 Iron and 14 level 10 small shields. You are going to use the same technique in this scenario as well. Go to the crafting station and choose the make armor option and then select the small shield. Now put the level 10 small shields with the level 10 iron and craft a small shield. You’ll make a small shield of level 1 but with greater stats than the level 10 small shields.

Now quit crafting and access the crafting station again and choose the upgrade armor option and put the small shield that you just made in the upgrade items section and level 10 small shield in the ingredients section. Upgrade your small shield and it would go to level 2, keep repeating the process until it reaches Level 10. Do this also with extra care because you don’t want to put the wrong shield in the wrong section.

Once you have fully upgraded to level 10 it would have crazy stats and it would be a match with your OP Broadsword. Both weapons would create your adventure more fun and easier.

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