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Rune Factory 5: Death Fungus



Rune Factory 5: Death Fungus

In Rune Factory 5, there are different monsters around the world map that can be tamed and you can make them work to your advantage. This guide will tell you about Death Fungus, where to find it, and what it drops.

Death Fungus is a monster whose basic level is 59. It is tamable and only 1 rider can ride on it. This monster has the following stats on the basic level.

  • HP: 3800
  • STR: 350
  • VIT: 106
  • INT: 214
  • ATT: 637
  • DEF: 254
  • M.ATK: 468
  • M.DEF: 238

The monster’s attribute resistances are Earth (25) and Wind (-100).

Location of Death Fungus

Death Fungus can be found in the Forest of no return. He’ll be just beside the lake in the Forest of No Return. He spawns with Toxic Muck on the location.


If you didn’t tame the Death Fungus and depleted his full HP then he will drop Spore, Monarch Mushroom, Holy Spore, Poison Powder, and Gaia Crystal Fragment.

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