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Lost Ark: How does Item Levels & Progression work



Lost Ark: How does Item Levels & Progression work

Quests are an important aspect of the Lost Ark. Lost Ark is focused on the Main questline; the game has a pretty long Main questline to reach the Endgame.

The main questline is also rewarding in the form of experience points. You can and it’s a better approach to complete the Main questline by all your characters in the game. You will reach level 50 throughout the main story questline. The game doesn’t end after the Main story questline plus it moves to the endgame content and character level. The story then moves to the continents, After the Main questline ends players follow the World quests to level up. You’ll get to unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 which are the main end game content.

Main Story Quest until you unlock Ship:

The main story quest provides you the most XP and helps you the most to unlock the end game. This means you have to completely ignore the side quest because they are not worth your time and XP. That also means Red Event Quests and Purple Adventure quests too.

Skip the prologue and get into leveling which is 100 % main story quests except for one specific purple adventure quest.

Progress & Boost item Level

Northern Vern

When you’re at level 50 you will get to the Northern Vern. You can do your World quests on this continent. There are a lot of side quests available as well which will unlock new content.


You will get a ship from Northern Vern by completing the main questline, you can use the ship and sail to the Shuhire Continent. You can now do the Shuhire main questline that’ll give you the 302 gear level which is your main goal to get after reaching level 50.

Gear Honing

Lost Ark has a lot of progression systems in-game, mostly you get progression by doing activities. An endgame gear set is basically required for the endgame game content. You have to upgrade your gear and you can upgrade your gear by going to gear vendors in any major capital on the continent. By going to the vendor, it will take you to the menu, the system is called Gear Honing.

Lost Ark: How does Item Levels & Progression work

You can use harmony shards to polish your gear. You can use fragments and leap stones to upgrade your gear set this is called gear honing.


Chaos Dungeon

You have to kill hordes of enemies in Chaos Dungeon, you have to survive the time and do 3 rounds in order to complete. You can do chaos dungeon 2 times a day. If you miss a chance to do it multiplies and you can do the extra remaining chaos dungeons the next day. You can also get loot drops in chaos dungeon that might drop Level 302 gear items.

Lost Ark: How does Item Levels & Progression work

Guardian Raids

In guardian raids, you have to hunt down a beast to banish and get its soul. You can do these in groups and you get upgrade materials for the guardian raids. You can do these two times a day.

Procyon’s Compass

Procyon’s Compass has one-day events, you can do world bosses, Ghost ships that are also like world bosses but they are close to the ocean. Chaos gates are like you have to fight your way through to fight the main boss.

Progress to Level 600

Keep doing the activities on daily bases until you reach your next goal which is the 460 level. Once you’ve reached it you get to continue your campaign and you’ll be sent to Rohendel region. Where you’ll complete the quests of that region and you’ll still be at tier 1 at this point.

You’ll unlock higher-level chaos dungeons, guardian raids, abyssal dungeons, etc. You have to keep doing your dailies and keep doing the activities for further progression into the game. Your next goal is to reach item level 600 which will allow you to wear gear that is tier 2. Once you’ve reached level 600 it means you’ve unlocked tier 2 and you can get to yorn and do quests there. You’ll unlock higher-level dailies, activities, dungeons, etc.

To get to level 600, all of your gear items must be level 15 honed which is high as you need to go. You can also purchase tier 2 gear from the auction house as you reach level 600. You’ll need different parts and materials for upgrading your gear to level 600. Such as; Leap stones, harmony shards, armor, and weapon crystals.

You can get all your tier 2 gear to level 15 honing by upgrading with the specified materials for the gear and you’ll reach item level 802.

This is the criteria for the progression in the game and upgrading your gear all the way to level 15 to unlock a new tier.

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