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Lost Ark: Pet Ranch



Lost Ark: Pet Ranch

Lost Ark’s Arkesian Sun update for August has added a bunch of new content to the game including, locations, mini-events, activities, cosmetics, and much more. One of the new locations that have been added to the player’s stronghold is Pet Ranch.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the Pet Ranch location in Lost Ark.

Pet Ranch

Pet ranch is a new location recently added in the latest update of Lost Ark and this location is in your Stronghold. In order to open this location, you’ll have to complete a quest named “Yay, Pet Ranch!”. After you’ve completed the quest, the Pet Ranch will be unlocked, and make sure that you actually have your farm unlocked. In order to unlock the farm, you’d have to be level 15 so, if you are level 15 then Pet Ranch will be unlocked and you’ll see several Vendors outside the Pet Ranch.

In Pet Ranch, you’ll be able to produce some materials with the help of your pets which might sound like Pet Abuse. You’ll mostly make Jam Cookies and from those cookies, you’ll be trading them for the costumes and consumables from one of the vendors outside Pet Ranch.

Lost Ark: Pet Ranch

If you interact with Dispatched Chromarong, you’ll see the Pet Ranch menu with two tabs, Ranch and Cookie Workshop. In the Ranch tab, you can put your pets to rest if they are tired. In the Cookie Workshop, you can put your pets to produce Jam Cookie from which you’ll be able to trade consumables and costumes. You can also unlock slots for your pets to rest or work, to open more slots, go to the Lab, and then Research, you’ll see “Cookie Party” and it will unlock 1 more slot for your pets to work.

You can also buy Vitameow for your pets to increase their morale while working. You can also upgrade the levels of your pets with the Pet Growth Tokens. If you get more pets working on the Pet Ranch, you’ll produce more Jam Cookies and can get many things in return, and then you can upgrade your pets as well by interacting with the Working Achatemeow.

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