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Lost Ark: Blooming Mokokos Event



Lost Ark: Blooming Mokokos Event

Lost Ark has added a new event named Blooming Mokokos and it doesn’t really have any requirements to participate in the event. All the players of Lost Ark can participate in this event and win rewards.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the Blooming Mokokos Event in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: Blooming Mokokos Event

Blooming Mokokos Event

Blooming Mokokos Event takes place in Maharaka Paradise area and this event happens every Hour you can only participate in this event only once per day. In this event, all you have to do is collect Mokokos in Three minutes. The limit of Mokokos is capped at 2022 and the caught Mokokos will give reward you with Gold and Silver Coins.

If you collect a Mokoko, make sure to stay and finish the event because it will count as a participant. Mokokos will also respawn so, make sure to look around for Mokokos and catch them if you see them spawning in the same area. You can also find a Lucky Mokoko in this Event which will reward you with 5000 Gold Coins.

If you didn’t get the Lucky Mokoko on your first try then you can try again on the next day and until this event is live. You can come to Maharaka paradise and join in the event and then try again every day to get Silver or Gold Coins.

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