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Total Warhammer III: Immortal Empires: Commandments



Total Warhammer III: Immortal Empires: Commandments

After taking a province or just moving into a province, you’d want to learn the commands that you can give to your army to stabilize the province. It is really important for the faction to get in control in the province you have taken.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the commandments that you can give in Total Warhammer III.


A commandment is issued by a faction in a province to enhance the settlement and to provide a few bonuses of the commandment that is chosen. The effects of the Commandment will be reissued when you choose another commandment from the commands section. The commandments in Total Warhammer III are the following.

  • Foster Terror
    • It provides 20 Growth and a 10% discount on construction costs of all buildings. It is great if you are trying to rush growth in the province or if you’re doing a lot of buildings because it can save you thousands of Gold.
  • Evocation of Nagash
    • It provides 1 Recruitment Rank and 1 Local Recruitment Capacity to the province. It is best if you’re doing a lot of recruitment in the area.
  • Harvest Corpses
    • It provides 5% income from all buildings in the province. It is a very good one in the background if you’re not rushing growth for anything. Since extra cash is always useful.
  • Repress Mortals
    • It grants 4 Control and 1 Vampiric Corruption. It is the best one if you just moved into the province and you are trying to take over as quickly as possible and get the Vampiric Corruption to all the way up to the top to get your control.

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