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Total Warhammer III: Immortal Empires: Faction Mechanics



Total Warhammer III: Immortal Empires: Faction Mechanics

The Faction that you have chosen to start your campaign in a specific province will also have some mechanics that you should know. Faction is your territory and it will allow you to control your army or if you are under attack, it will summon your army to protect the faction.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the Faction mechanics in Total Warhammer III.

Faction Mechanics

In the Faction Mechanics, you’ll be able to raise your army when you need them or if there is a battle going on you can recruit your army or you can even raise the lord from your ancestors to help you in the battle.

Raise Dead

Vampire Counts alongside the regular recruitment can raise the dead to fight for them instantly. This is a limited unit of pools and capacities to choose from and most of the time, you’ll be recruiting Skeletons, Bats, and Wolves. However, if a large battle is taken place on the map, a hand sign will be indicated when you recruit your army, it will let you recruit many high-tier units depending on the size of the battle that took place.

Raise Dead


The vampires have access to their ancient and powerful bloodlines. These are families of vampires that stand above the rest as being incredibly powerful and skilled. You can awaken up to three vampires from each of the bloodlines to use their lords in your armies as well as unlock powerful effects for your faction. In order to do this, you’ll need to spend Blood Kiss which is an in-game currency that can be gained from assassinating characters, killing faction leaders in battles, fossilizing factions, and research. There are 5 different bloodlines from which you’ll be able to choose a bloodline.

  • Blood Dragon
  • Von Carstein
  • Lahmian
  • Necrarch
  • Strigoi

For tier 1, you’ll need 3 Blood Kisses, for tier 2, you’ll need 6 blood Kisses and for tier 3, you’ll need 12 Blood Kisses. In order to unlock all three lords from all 5 bloodlines, you’ll be needing a total of 105 Blood Kisses.

Vampiric Corruption

In Vampiric Corruption, wherever you go, you’ll spread the stuff with your lords and heroes and a number of buildings. At low levels, your armies will suffer attrition and your settlement control penalties. At high levels, your armies will be fine and all the non-vampiric armies will suffer the attrition alongside this, armies will have an increased chance that the dead will rise again post-battle and they will rise at an increased HP level. Your settlements will get 10 control and all other forms of corruption will be reduced by 5.

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