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Lost Ark: Shiba Inu Pets



Lost Ark: Shiba Inu Pets

Lost Ark’s Arkesian Sun update for August has added a bunch of new content to the game including, locations, mini-events, activities, cosmetics, and new pets named Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu are Japanese dogs and now they can be petted by the players in the game.

Shiba Inu Pets

There are many pets in the Lost Ark that players can pet and in the new update, the most requested pets are added to the shop. Now, players can get new fluffy dog pets from the in-game store. These pets will be available for the players to buy until 28th September. After that date, the store will stock the new items and we are not sure whether people would still be able to buy the Shiba Inu pets again or not.

The Shiba Inu pet comes in five different colors and each pet has a collar of a different color as well. Players can get the pet that they like or according to their cosmetics to match with the pet. Players would also be able to level these pets up just like the other pets in the game and there is also a new location added in Arkesian Sun update named Pet Ranch in which players can level up their pets as well.

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