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Lost Ark: How to Complete the Lost Key Quest



Lost Ark: How to Complete the Lost Key Quest

Lost Ark’s major update, Break Through to Thaemine is now live with a ton of new content and a brand-new series of main quests for Light of Destiny which will reveal the location of Lost Ark and bring a closure to the end of Story Chapter 1. Players can begin and pursue the main quests by starting the very first quest, The Lost Key of the update.

However, The Lost Key update has a couple of prerequisite quests that players must complete before they get to initiate it. This guide will help you start The Lost Key quest and walk you through to how to complete it in Lost Ark.

How to Start The Lost Key Quest in Lost Ark

The Lost Key quest requires Item Level 1520 and has two prerequisite quests that players must complete before starting the quest at one of the available locations. The quests that are required to be completed are the following.

  • Adento’s Legacy
  • [Awakening] The Sunset

Upon completing both of the quests, players will get to initiate The Lost Key quest at one of the following locations.

  • Voldis: Kalinar (NPC Hogun)
  • North Vern: Vern Castle (NPC Hogun)
  • Elgacia: Ereonnor (Transparent Mirror)

How to Complete The Lost Key Quest in Lost Ark

After speaking with the NPC Hogun or Transparent Mirror and accepting the quest, you will get the objective to read Verad’s Letter. To read the letter, press the F5 button. Once you have read the letter, you need to move ahead and stand in the red-highlighted area to organize your thoughts. Wait for your character to organize their thoughts and you will get the option to play “Song of Trixion”.

Press the F2 button to play the song and once the song bar has been completed, it will teleport you to Trixion. Continue ahead in Trixion to find Beatrice and speak with her. Go through the dialogues to conclude the quest.


Completing The Lost Key will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 2,463 Roster XP
  • 30,000 Silver
  • Any Card Pack III
  • 3x Refined Protection Stone Pouch

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