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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Glider Launcher Blueprint



Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Glider Launcher Blueprint

The full-release version of The Sons of the Forest has several new blueprints that players will be able to find which will help them build new structures. One of the new blueprints in the game is the Glider Launcher which allows players to launch in the air to use the glider. As Gliders are mainly used from high peaks, having a Glider Launcher will make it easy for players to traverse greater distances without climbing a peak.

This guide will help you find the Glider Launcher in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Glider Launcher Blueprint in Sons of the Forest

The Glider Launcher Blueprint can be found inside a new cave entrance located on the west side of the island. This new cave can be found north of the Entertainment Bunker Exit. If you walk in the north direction from there, you will reach a cavern area with the dead body of a construction worker. The exact location of the cave is shown in the image below.

Getting the Glider Launcher Blueprint

Upon finding the cave entrance, head inside the cave and break the barricaded path with an axe. You will reach an area with multiple supply crates which you can loot for useful supplies. Keep on proceeding ahead and get past the remains of dead bodies to eventually reach a dead end.

Here, you will find three skeletons on the ground with the Glider Launcher Blueprint. Interact with the blueprint to pick it up to save the recipe in the guidebook. Now, to leave the cave, simply go back to where you came from.

Using the Glider Launcher

Building the Glider Launcher is also simple as it doesn’t require any rare materials.

  • 4x Wire
  • 4x Turtle Shells
  • 14x Sticks
  • 12x Planks
  • 7x Logs

Upon gathering all the required materials, add them to the structure of the Glider Launcher to finish building it and then you will be able to use it by equipping the Foldable Glider and running towards it. It will automatically lift you in the air allowing you to glide in the air.

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