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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Flashlight Attachment



Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Flashlight Attachment

Sons of the Forest offers various weapon attachments that can be used on your weapons like Pistol and Shotgun. However, both of these weapons have their own Rail attachment which is necessary for attaching any further attachments. One of the weapon attachments that can be placed on both pistol rail and shotgun rail is Flashlight.

Having a flashlight on your weapon is very efficient while venturing into dark caves for both story progression and finding useful tools. This guide will help you find yourself a flashlight attachment for your weapons in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Flashlight Attachment in Sons of the Forest

The Flashlight Attachment is found inside the cave located on the west side of the island. It is the same cave in which you find the Shovel. As a Shovel is mandatory for progressing in the game, you will be heading into the cave at some point in the cave. However, before you get into the cave, you must get yourself the Rope Gun and the Rebreather as you will need both of these tools to get across the cave. The location of the cave is shown in the image below.

Path to the Flashlight Attachment

Upon reaching the cave entrance, follow the following path to reach the location of the flashlight attachment.

  • Enter the cave and go ahead to find a zipline.
  • Interact with it to zipline to use the Rope Gun to go ahead.
  • Equip the Rebreather and go into the water to start swimming through the hole in the water.
  • Keep swimming along the path to get out of the water and then continue ahead until you reach a slope.
  • Go down the slope and as you drop down into the water, turn around and follow the path behind.
  • Keep on following the path to get past two dead bodies and eventually, you reach an area with a light in the middle.

Just as you are about to reach the light-up area, there will be a body lying against the rock on which you will find the Flashlight Attachment. Pick up the Flashlight Attachment and you will be able to equip it on your Pistol or your Shotgun.

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