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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Maintenance Bunker B



Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Maintenance Bunker B

The remote island in Sons of the Forest has several bunkers scattered around which players can find and access to find useful survival items and tools. One of the bunkers that is recommended for players to access earlier is Maintenance Bunker B as it contains one of the decent weapons, Compound Bow.

This guide will walk you through where to find Maintenance Bunker B in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Maintenance Bunker B in Sons of the Forest

The Maintenance Bunker B is marked as a Point of Interest on your GPS Tracker on the Southwest side of the island. This point of interest will take you to a Digsite area inside a cannibal village where you will find a dirt spot on the ground. The exact location of the bunker is shown in the image below.

How to Access the Maintenance Bunker B

Accessing the Maintenance Bunker B will require you to dig the dirt spot on the ground with a Shovel. You must first get the Shovel in order to dig the dirt to be able to access Maintenance Bunker B. Once you have the Shovel, simply dig around the middle area of the dirt to find a hatch door and then interact with it to reveal the Maintenance Bunker B label on it.

Now, go down the ladder to reach a partially flooded hallway which will include a door on the right almost at the end of the hallway in which you can find the 3D Printer along with Resin. As you head to the bathroom in the room, you will find the Compound Bow next to a dead body. This is a very small bunker and it has no enemies in it but you can find a decent amount of useful supplies.

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