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Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Red Mask



Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Red Mask

As players explore the island, they will come to find a lot of items and weapons that will help them survive for longer. One of the great utility items for the early game that will help you stay non-hostile against the cannibals is a Red Mask. Equipping the Red Mask while walking into the cannibal village will not gain the attention of the cannibals in the area and allow you to freely loot materials and supplies.

This guide will help you get the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest

The Red Mask is one of the utility items in the game and it can only be obtained by crafting it on a 3D Printer for 150 Resin. There are various Interest Points in which players can find 3D Printers but most of them will require a late-game item named “Shovel”.

So, if you have the Shovel then you can go to any Maintenance Bunker. There are 3 Maintenance Bunkers on the island and all of them are underground so, you will have to dig the ground to find the bunker door.

If you don’t have the Shovel then you can go to another Interest Point to find the 3D Printer that we have mentioned in our 3D Printer guide.

Upon finding the 3D Printer, you need to change the items on the Laptop by pressing the R Button. Once you have a Mask Photo on the Laptop, hold the E Button to give the command to the Printer to print the Red Mask. But you will have to add Resin to the Printer by pressing the E Printer and it will cost 150 Resin.

Usually, all the locations of the 3D Printer have hundreds of Resin lying around so feel free to grab it and then just the required amount of Resin into the printer to start printing the selected item.

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