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Sons of the Forest – Where to Find the 3D Printer



3D Printer

There are a lot of items in Sons of the Forest that players will be able to get by exploring the Island. One of the Items that players can find in Sons of the Forest is a 3D Printer. 3D Printer can be used to make different useful items by using Resin.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest.

Finding the 3D Printer

3D Printer can be found in multiple locations on the Island but many of the locations will require a key item “Shovel”. In order to get the Shovel, you will have to explore and find more items which will take a lot of time. However, there is one location which does not require any type of item and you can just go inside the location to find the 3D printer.

This location is one of the Interest Points that are shining on your GPS Tracker Device. The Interest Point that you need to go to is the one near the cave in which you found the Rope Gun. If you haven’t found that either then you need to look at the map and you need to go to the interest point under the Water location where four rivers meet.

Location of 3D Printer

After you have located the Interest Point on your GPS Tracker, make your way to the location. Once there, you need to go inside the cave and you will reach a corridor. Go into the room in front and you will find the 3D Printer in front of you. 3D Printer will be attached to a Laptop and you can use Laptop to change things that 3D Printer can make. You will have to insert the required amount of Resin for the item that you want to print.

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