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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Sled




As players explore the island, they will come to find a lot of items and weapons that will help them survive for longer. There are also some items that will seem useless and one of them is a Sled. Sled is one of the fun items in the game that can be used to come down from heights in style. If you are on a high ground and you want to go down in a style and quickly then Sled is your way to go.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Sled in the Sons of the Forest.

Getting the Sled

The players will have to find the 3D Printer before they can get the Sled. There are various Interest Points in which players can find 3D Printer but most of them will require a late game item named “Shovel”. So, if you have the Shovel then you can go to any Maintenance Bunker. There are 3 Maintenance Bunkers on the island and all of them are underground so, you will have to dig the ground to find the bunker door.

If you don’t have the Shovel then you can go to another Interest Point to find the 3D Printer. We also have the guide on 3D Printer so, if you are having trouble finding it then you can check that guide as well.

Once you have found the 3D Printer, you need to change the items on the Laptop by pressing the R Button. Once you have a Sled Photo on Laptop, hold the E Button to give command to the Printer to print the Sled. But you will have to add Resin to the Printer by pressing the E Printer and Sled will cost 1,000 Resin.

Add Resin to 3D Printer

Once you have put 1,000 Resin in Printer, the printer will start printing the Sled and once it is done, you will be able to collect it from the printer.

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