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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Maintenance Keycard



maintenance keycard

There are different items that are necessary for completing the story of the game. One of the items that are necessary for the story are two Keycards and one of them is Maintenance Keycard. This keycard will be used in other places to get the next Keycard which will take you to the end of the story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Maintenance Keycard in Sons of the Forest.

Maintenance Keycard Location

Maintenance Keycard can be found in one of the Interest Points marked on your GPS Tracker but players will have to get other necessary items before they get to the location where they can find Maintenance Keycard. In order to find the Keycard, you will have to get the Shovel. Once you have the Shovel, you will have to go to the Northeast area of the map to find an Interest Point.

The Interest Point is near to the beach which is one of the starting points of the game. Once you reach the Interest Point, you will see golf carts and lights surrounding a small area.

maintenance keycard location

Getting the Maintenance Keycard

Once you are at the location, you need to equip the Shovel from your inventory and dig the ground. Digging the ground will reveal a Hatch Door with “Maintenance A” marked on it. Hold E to enter the hatch and go down the ladder.

Once you are down in the hatch, go ahead and there will be a door to your right. Go inside the door and you will find the Maintenance Keycard on the table in front on the right side of the 3D Printer and Laptop. Press the E Button to equip the Keycard. Maintenance Keycard is mainly used to open a door inside another hatch marked with “Food and Dining”. If you have found that hatch then you can go there to find the next item which is necessary for the story.

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