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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the VIP Keycard



VIP Keycard

One of the most important items that players will have to get for the story is VIP Keycard. This Keycard will let players to access all of the closed doors in the underground bunkers. However, in order to get the VIP Keycard, players will have to get the Maintenance Keycard first.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the VIP Keycard in Sons of the Forest.

VIP Keycard Location

Once players have obtained the Maintenance Keycard, they will have to go to the south direction to reach another Interest Point near the Maintenance A Hatch. They will reach an interest point of a cave. It is not very hard to find as it is near to the Hatch.

Food and Dining Hatch Location

Getting the VIP Keycard

Go inside the Cave and follow the path to reach another hatch named “Food and Dining”. Open the door and go down the ladder. You will find plenty of food in the hatch and you will see a door with a Keycard Scanner. Interact with it to use the Maintenance Keycard and open the door. Go through the herbology lab and you will reach a staircase going down.

Go down the staircase and you will get to swim. Swim to the rooms ahead by swimming on the right side of the rooms and for the last room stay on the left side and you will reach a corridor with a gate in front. Go towards the gate and you will see an open door on the left side. Go inside the door on the left and there will be another door open in that room. Go through it and you will reach the Security Room. Go to the Table in front and you will find the VIP Keycard.

VIP Keycard Location

Once you have obtained the VIP Keycard, you will be able to open the locked doors in Maintenance B and Maintenance C hatches as well as the Bunker on the West Side of the map which will take you the end of the game.

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