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Octopath Traveler II – How to Get JP Augmentor



JP Augmentor

There are eight travelers in Octopath Traveler II and all of them have Talents that can be used for different purposes and paths. However, all of the Travelers are assigned to a specific Job. As players progress through the game, they will be able to teach the travelers new skills by using the Job Points. Since Job Points are earned slowly so, it will take some time to teach new skills to the travelers but there is a way to get JP quicker.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get JP Augmentor in Octopath Traveler II.


JP is the Job Points that are earned after defeating enemies, When you defeat a monster, you will earn a little amount of Job Points for a certain traveler. Later, you can use the Job Points of that traveler to teach him/her new skills of that particular Job.

JP is the main resource to unlock new skills for travelers so in order to get more JP, you will have to get an Accessory Item named “JP Augmentor” which will increase the rate of earned JP for the particular traveler.

Getting JP Augmentor

JP Augmentor can be obtained from a cave named “Cavern of Waves” which is a danger level 18 area but you can get it even in the early level if you follow the strategy right. Before we get to the strategy, you need to have a skill named “Evasive Maneuvers”. Osvald has this skill by default so, if you have unlocked Osvald then you will not have to worry about getting it. If you do not have Osvald unlocked then make sure that one of your travelers is a “Scholar” because only Scholar can learn this skill. The next thing that you need to do before going after the JP Augmentor, you need to make sure that it is daylight because the strategy will only work in Daylight.

Evasive Maneuvers Skill

Now, once you have all the things that are required, you need to get to the Cave area and encounter the enemies. Run around in the circle to spawn a couple of low-level enemies. The enemies would be Level 2 so, you will be able to defeat them easily. After that, you need to go inside the Cavern of Waves and save your game.

After saving the game, you need to return to the title screen. It is very important because by doing this, you will not encounter any enemy in the cave and you will be able to get the JP Augmentor without any trouble. From the save point, you need to go to the left and then on to the bridge. Now, go all the way to the right to reach the chest from which you will get the JP Augmentor.

JP Augmentor CHest Location

After getting the JP Augmentor, you will be able to assign it to one of the travelers and that traveler will earn more JP when you defeat the enemies. By earning more JP, you will be able to teach new skills to travelers more quickly.

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