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Sons of the Forest – Where to Find the Rope Gun



Rope Gun

There are various types of guns that you can find in the game but one of the guns that are necessary in completing the game is Rope Gun. Rope Gun is mainly used to ride the ziplines and by using this gun players will be able to get the “Shovel” which will let them progress ahead in the story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest.

Rope Gun Location

Players will find ordinary ropes and zipline ropes throughout their exploration. Ordinary Ropes are used in many different recipes but the Zipline Ropes are used with the Rope Gun to make ziplines on the island. It can be used to travel quicker on the island by using the ziplines.

In order to get the Rope Gun, players will have to go to the cave in the forest. This cave will be nearest to the players who have crashed in the forest at the starting of the game. If you have started from another spawn location then you will have to make your way to the cave.

Rope Gun Cave Location

Getting the Rope Gun

Once you have reached the cave, break the wooden fence with your Axe and then go inside the cave. You need to go ahead on the path and you need to go to the left side when you reach down to the water. Go along the path on the left and you will cross several hanging bodies. You need to keep going ahead on the path until you reach a point with two paths.

You need to go on the path with Gold Ores on the walls. It will be the left path. Go on the left path and keep following it until you see another light. As you go ahead, you will reach two bodies and two suitcases. One of the Suitcases will have a Rope Gun in it. Interact with it to get the Rope Gun.

Rope Gun Location

After you have obtained the Rope Gun, you need to interact with the zipline directly ahead of you to get to the other side. The path on the other side will let you out of the cave.

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