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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Shotgun




There are various Weapons that players can get in Sons of the Forest which can help the players to eliminate the enemies and survive for longer. As players explore and progress through the story of the game, they will be able to find a Shotgun. Shotgun is one of the strongest weapons in the game that can take out a super mutant in two to three shots.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Shotgun in Sons of the Forest.

Shotgun Location

Players can get the Shotgun from the location of the GPS Locator. You can see the location of GPS Locator on your GPS Tracker Device. However, in order to get the shotgun from the location, you will have to dig a grave and you cannot do it without getting the Shovel. In order to get the Shovel, you will have to get the Rebreather and a Rope Gun so, make sure that you have obtained all of the items before you come to the location of GPS Locator.

Shotgun Location

Getting the Shotgun

Once you have obtained the Shovel, come to the location of GPS Locator and you will get the option to dig the ground. Open the inventory by pressing the I Button and select the Shovel. After that, Left Click on the ground to dig the Grave. Once you have dug the grave, you will see the Shotgun in the coffin. Interact with it to pick up the Shotgun.

You can add shotgun to your bag as well but it will take place of your bow so, if you do not want to use your bow then feel free to equip it.

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