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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Pistol




There is a lot to explore on the Island in Sons of the Forest. Exploring new areas and hidden caves can get you a lot of useful items that will increase chances of your survival. One of the neediest items in the game is a proper gun which can only be obtained by going to a specific location.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Pistol in Sons of the Forest.

Getting the Pistol

Players can get the Pistol after looting some resources and medicines because looting the pistol will require you to go into the ocean where you can encounter a Shark. Now, the exact location of the Pistol is the Purple GPS Signal Sign that can be seen on your GPS Tracker Device. You need to follow the GPS Sign which is in the ocean. If you are having trouble finding it. Just go to the south side of the map which is opposite Snowy Mountain.

Make sure to open the GPS Tracker by pressing the M Button and keep going in the south direction until you reach the Beach. Now, look on the tracker to see where the GPS Signal Sign is and you will see a Red Raft in the Ocean. You need to swim to the Red Raft and interact with the Raft to get on the Raft.

Location of Pistol

After getting on the Raft, you will find the gun on the raft. Now, you will be able to equip the gun from your bag. Hold the I Button to see your bag and then select the Pistol to equip it. After getting the pistol, you might run into a shark. Killing the shark is not easy so, it is better to wait and let it move far. Once you see the shark is not near the raft then you can jump into the ocean and get back to the shore.

You can find the 9mm Bullets in the Suitcases on the Island. Some of the suitcases are near your crash site and you can get a few bullets for the Pistol.

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