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Sons of the Forest – How to Get Rope




There are a number of resources that you will have to get in order to craft new items as well as weapons. One of the items required essential for a Bow is Rope. Since Rope cannot be crafted with other materials or is not a naturally occurring resource, you will have to find it on the island.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get Rope in Sons of the Forest.

Getting Rope

The rope is one of the essential resources that players will be needing in the game to either make a Bow or use it to make a shelter for themselves. It is used in many different items so you will have to gather rope by exploring the following areas on the island.

  • Enemy Camps
  • Old Friendly Camps
  • Caves
  • Cliffs

You can also find Rope inside the Suitcases near the wreckage. Loot the suitcases and you will get a rope if you are lucky. Otherwise, you will have to explore the island and go through the places mentioned above to find ropes.

Most of the time, you will find Rope in Enemy Camps and inside the Caves. There are a number of enemy camps in the game that you will find but you will have to fight them in order to get loot from their camp. You can also find the caves by finding a thin path between the rocks. Going through the path will let you go into the cave and you can find rope inside the cave. There are also suitcases inside the cave so make sure to loot them as well.

Picking Rope

Once you find the Rope, just look at it and press the interaction button to collect the Rope. After that, you can use Rope to craft the items that you need.

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