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Sons of the Forest – How to Get Water




Food and Water are one of the most important resources because only these resources will help you keep going on the island. If you don’t get food, you can die due to hunger and if you don’t get water, you can die due to being thirsty. Thirst can be neglected by drinking any beverage but the easiest item to find on the island is Water.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Water in Sons of the Forest.

Getting Water

In order to get the Water, you need to head towards the river or you can drink it from a pond if you pass by it. To see the river on the map, open your GPS device by pressing the M Button and head towards the Blue Lines on the map to get to the river. Go along the path shown on the GPS device until you reach the river and you will be able to drink to your fill.

To drink the water, you must be empty-handed. Press the G Button to put it away and then look toward the water. You will have to hold the E Button to drink the water from the river. You will have to drink twice if you are thirsty and there is no limit on drinking water so, drink to your fill.

You can also come to the ponds on the map and they also have fresh water. You will see a small blue circle in different areas on your GPS devices. These are the Ponds and you can drink water from it by following the same procedure. Empty your hands and then interact with it to drink it.

You will also find Vodka and Energy Drinks but their effect will not last for a long time and you will have to drink water anyways. But they can increase your chances of surviving and get you to the pond or the river.

Make sure to loot the items in the suitcases which can be found near the interest points and abandoned camps on the island. You will get a couple of energy drinks from a suitcase at your starting location so use them wisely until you find water.

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