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Sons of the Forest – How to Get Food




Food is one of the main resources in Sons of the Forest because without Food you cannot survive for much longer. Eating Food and Drinking Water will push your character’s limit of survival so, you will have to get food right from the beginning of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get food in Sons of the Forest.

Getting Food

There will be different types of Food that you can get in Sons of Forest. You can get Mushrooms, Vegetables, Fruits, and Meat. However, the most effective and nutritious is Meat. Eating the perfectly cooked meat will finish your hunger while eating other food will only neglect hunger for a moment which will not make any difference because you would still have to find more food to keep your character going.

Now, in order to get nutritious Meat, you can kill various types of animals, birds, and fish. In order to kill the animals, you can make a Spear which is a good start or you can also set up a trap which will require some more resources. Spear is easy to make and you can use it to hunt rabbit, deer, and birds from a distance.

Just Right Click to see the pattern of the Spear and Left Click to throw the Spear. It will kill the small animals and birds in one hit so, it is easier to get Meat from them. Once you killed an animal, go near it and interact with it by pressing the E button to get Meat.

Loot Animal to get Raw Meat

After that, you will just have to Make Fire and put the Meat on the Fire to cook it. Eating the fully cooked Meat will affect more so, don’t eat raw meat as it will not make any difference.

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