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Sons of the Forest – How to Get Feathers




There are a lot of resources that players can get on the island in Sons of the Forest. One of the useful resources that you can collect early in the game is Feather. Feather can be further used in other recipes such as making arrows for your bow. So, players will have to collect them from time to time in order to make arrows.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Feathers in Sons of the Forest.

Getting Feathers

Feather is one of the natural resources that you will only get from a bird. In order to get the Feather, you will have to kill the bird. Killing the bird or hitting them will make a poof of feathers in the air and you can collect them by pressing the E Button.

Now, at the early stage, you will only have your Tactical Axe which is mainly for cutting down trees and logs. You cannot kill birds with the Axe so, you will have to make a more proper weapon which is in this case is a Spear.

Once you have made a Spear, you will be able to hit on the birds and animals if they are close to you on the ground. If they are birds are far or flying, you can right click to see the pattern of your Spear and then adjust it according to the bird you want to hit and then press the Left Click to throw the Spear. Hitting the bird will give you feathers as well as Meat which can be used for food when your character is hungry.

Kill Bird with a Spear

So, if you want to make some arrows or you want to get meat of a bird use your spear to kill the birds to get feathers as well as other resources and materials for your survival.

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