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Sons of the Forest – How to Make Fire



Make Fire

Fire is very important in Sons of the Forest because it will save you from cold as well as let you cook raw food or meat. Players will have to make fire in order to cook food so, you must learn how to make fire in Sons of the Forest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make fire in Sons of the Forest.

Gathering Resources to Make a Fire

The normal fire can be made very easily and it is very effective because it will do your job of cooking food. It will only require 2x Sticks and a Lighter. Sticks can be found almost everywhere in the forest and if you are on the beach then you can find a couple of sticks on the beach as well. If not then equip your Tactical Axe and go near a tree to chop it down.

Chop down the trees to get yourself a handful number of sticks. The next thing is Lighter and your character will already have a lighter so, you will not have to worry about getting it.

Making a Fire

After you have gathered the resources, follow the following steps to make a Fire.

  • Open the Inventory by pressing the I Button and equip one of the Sticks.
  • Now, look on the ground where you want to make a fire and you need to press the Left Click when you see a border of two sticks on the ground. If you see a circular border then change your position a bit and you will see the border of two sticks.
  • By doing this, your character will break the stick into two pieces and place it on the ground.
  • Now, look at the broken stick and press the Left Click again to place two more broken sticks.
  • Now, your character will equip the Lighter automatically. Hold Down the E Button to light up the Fire.
Place the sticks acoording to the border

Now, you have made your fire, you will be able to relax yourself near the fire or cook yourself some food.

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