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Palworld: How to Summon Bellanoir & its Types – Raid Boss Summoning Guide



Palworld: How to Summon Bellanoir & its Types – Raid Boss Summoning Guide

Palworld’s latest update ( includes a brand-new raid boss that offers players to summon and fight Bellanoir, a Dark Elemental Pal that is only Raid-exclusive. Meaning, players can only encounter and engage in a fight with Bellanoir during the raid. However, this new raid involves a series of steps that every player must complete first to summon Bellanoir at their base to fight and defeat it.

Moreover, Bellanoir has three types and this raid includes players fighting all three types of Bellanoir by summoning the respective one at the Summoning Altar. The following guide includes all the steps for summoning each type of Bellanoir in Palworld.

How to Summon Bellanoir and its Types in Palworld

Summoning the new Raid Boss Bellanoir in Palworld will require players to first unlock and build the new Summoning Altar technology, and then use the respective type of Bellanoir’s Slab at the altar. Both of these steps sound kind of easy but they both include a ton of cave dungeons farming. You can find the steps related to summoning every Bellanoir below.

1. Unlock and Build the Summoning Altar

It is an Ancient Technology of tier 33 and requires 3 Ancient Technology Points to unlock. The Ancient Technology Points are earned by defeating the World Bosses and the Bosses inside the Syndicate Towers for the first time. Defeating the bosses inside the Syndicate Towers is a faster approach as it rewards players with 5x Ancient Technology Points on the first-time clearance.

Once players have unlocked the Summoning Altar, they will be able to build it from the “Other” section in the Build Menu using the following materials.

  • 100x Stone
  • 20x Paldium Fragment

Make sure to place the Summoning Altar at a distance from the rest of your structures and workbenches in the base.

TIP: If you have access to multiple bases, then build the Summoning Altar at an empty base.

2. Gather Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments

After placing down the Summoning Altar, the next step is to gather the Bellanoir’s Slab Fragment which is a key item to craft Bellanoir’s Slab, a slab for summoning the first and regular type of Bellanoir.  The Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments are found inside the chests located in a room at the end of the Dungeon Caves which can only be reached after defeating the dungeon boss.

However, not all dungeon caves include Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments and the cave dungeons that you need to farm are of the following levels.

  • Level 19 – Ravine Grotto
  • Level 29 – Mountain Stream Grotto
  • Level 35 – Cavern of the Dunes
  • Level 40 – Volcanic Cavern

The cave dungeons which are low-level like Hillside Cavern and Isolated Island Cavern do not contain Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments in the chests. You have to start at the Ravine Grotto cave dungeon and work your way up to the Level 40 dungeon. Each dungeon will include at least 1 Bellanoir’s Slab Fragment and if you are lucky, you can even get two from the same dungeon.

You must get 4x Bellanoir’s Slab Fragment from farming the dungeons to be able to craft the Bellanoir’s Slab which is our next step in this guide.

3. Craft Bellanoir’s Slab

The Bellanoir’s Slab can only be crafted at Production Assembly Line II. Make sure that you have the Production Assembly Line II built at your base and as you interact with it, you will be able to craft the Bellanoir’s Slab using 4x Bellanoir’s Slab Fragment.

4. Summon Bellanoir at the Summoning Altar

After crafting the Bellanoir’s Slab, you will be able to summon the Bellanoir (Level 30) raid boss by placing the slab in the Summoning Altar.

5. Gather Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragments

Now, to summon the second type of Bellanoir, you need to gather its respective type of slab fragments which can be found in the high-level dungeons. You can find the Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragments in the Level 40 and above dungeons.

  • Level 40 – Volcanic Cavern
  • Level 45 – Sacred Mountain Cavern

All the dungeons in the high-level areas will have a chance of having Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragments in the chests. So, clear the dungeons by defeating the bosses at the last room and then loot the appeared chests to get the slab fragments. Furthermore, the Wildlife Sanctuaries that are located on the edges of the map also have a chance of dropping a Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragment by looting the chests on the islands.

6. Craft Bellanoir Libero’s Slab

Similar to Bellanoir’s Slab, Bellanoir Libero’s Slab is also crafted at Production Assembly II. It requires 4x Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragment to craft the Bellanoir Libero’s Slab.

7. Summon Bellanoir Libero at the Summoning Altar

After crafting the Bellanoir Libero’s Slab, you will be able to spawn the Bellanoir Libero (Level 50) raid boss by using the Bellanoir Libero’s Slab at the Summoning Altar.

8. Get Bellanoir Libero’s (Ultra) Slab

For the last and final version of Bellanoir, you have to get the Bellanoir Libero’s (Ultra) Slab which can only be obtained by defeating the Bellanoir Libero raid boss.

Bellanoir Libero is a level 50 boss which is extremely difficult to defeat and upon defeating it, it will have a chance of dropping the slab for the final type of Bellanoir. However, it is not a 100% drop rate for the slab so, you might have to defeat it multiple times before you can get the slab.

9. Summon Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) at the Summoning Altar

Upon obtaining the Bellanoir Libero’s (Ultra) Slab, you will be able to spawn the Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) raid boss by using the Bellanoir Libero’s (Ultra) Slab at the Summoning Altar.

As summoning each Bellanoir type requires multiple steps, you will have to spend a lot of time farming the dungeon caves for the fragments. Completing the raid for every raid boss will require you to summon it and defeat it within a time limit of 10 minutes which can be very difficult. However, completing every raid successfully can reward you with multiple items which makes all the effort worthwhile.

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