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Palworld: How to Defeat Bellanoir & its Types – Raid Boss Battle Guide



Palworld: How to Defeat Bellanoir & its Types – Raid Boss Battle Guide

The new raid boss (Bellanoir) update of Palworld is now available on PC in which players will get to summon Bellanoir right at their base to take it down. This new Pal boss is a Dark elemental type and Raid-exclusive, meaning players can only encounter it during the raid. Moreover, Bellanoir is the first type of this Pal and there are two additional types of this Pal both are Level 50, whereas, Bellanoir (regular) is a Level 30 Pal.

The other two types of Bellanoir are Bellanoir Libero and Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) which can be summoned using the respective type of Slab at the Summoning Altar. We have a detailed guide on how to summon each Bellanoir type that you can read for further information regarding summoning them. This guide will focus on how you can defeat Bellanoir and its types to successfully complete the raid and what rewards would you get.

Preparations for Bellanoir Raid Boss Fights

Before you go ahead and summon Bellanoir for raid boss fights, you must arm your character with all the best armor sets, accessories, and weapons. For the Armor Set, you need to equip Pal Metal Helm and Pal Metal Armor, for the accessories, equip the Life Pendant and Attack Pendant, and for the Shield, you must equip the Hyper Shield. Lastly, for the weapons, it is best to use the legendary Weapons. However, if you don’t have a Legendary tier of the weapons, you still can use the following weapons.

  • Pump-action Shotgun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Assault Rifle
  • Poison Arrow Crossbow

The first three weapons will allow you to deal a decent amount of damage from a safe distance while the poison arrow crossbow will allow you to inflict Bellanoir with poison to deal damage over time.

How to Defeat Bellanoir in Palworld

The first type of Bellanoir is the regular Bellanoir, a Level 30 Raid Boss which is spawned using the Bellanoir Slab at the Summoning Altar. Bellanoir has an HP of 294000 and defeating it will require you more than 10 Pals that are at least above Level 40. Having Pals which are on 50 Level is a bonus for you as your Pals will be able to deal more damage to it.

Now, to defeat Bellanoir, make sure that all of your Pals have been spawned before summoning Bellanoir as it will only give you 10 minutes to defeat it. Go to your Palbox to spawn every high-level Pal at the base and then summon the boss to initiate the raid boss fight. Bellanoir has several attacks at its disposal which all deal immense amounts of damage so, you must dodge them at all costs.

Stay at a safe distance from Bellanoir and use the Poison Arrow Crossbow to inflict it with poison. Now, switch to Rocket Launcher to start shooting rockets at it. You can also switch to Assault Rifle as well if you are more comfortable with it. Remember to use the poison arrow crossbow from time to time to keep scaling up the poison damage.

Since Bellanoir only has about 300000 HP, it will not take long to get it all depleted with all of your Pals attacking it along with inflicting poison on Bellanoir and you shooting at it non-stop state.

How to Defeat Bellanoir Libero in Palworld

Bellanoir Libero is a stronger version of regular Bellanoir and it has an HP of 450000 which will take longer to deplete. However, the attacks of Bellanoir Libero remain the same but they deal more damage so, staying close to it during the fight is absolutely a death sentence. Now, to defeat Bellanoir Libero, you need 15 Pals at a time with all of them being Level 50 or at least Level 45+.

Low-level Pals will not survive more than a minute against this raid boss and even the Level 50 ones will fall down during the fight. In such a case, you need to be ready to spawn more Pals from the Palbox. Make sure that your Pals are all leveled up before summoning Bellanoir Libero at the base. The time for defeating Bellanoir Libero is also 10 minutes and you need to follow the same fighting technique as the regular Bellanoir.

Inflict it with Poison and start using your ranged weapons to deal damage to it from a safe distance. It took us about 7 minutes to defeat Bellanoir Libero.

How to Defeat Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) in Palworld

Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) is the strongest version of Bellanoir Pal and it has an HP of a whopping 900000 which will almost take 10 minutes to defeat if you follow the same battle technique as the rest of the fights. It took us over 9 minutes to defeat it with the same method. However, for this fight, you do need more than just 20 Pals. Spawn the first 15 Pals at the start and then start spawning the new ones if any Pal falls.

No Pal can survive for 10 minutes straight against Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) so you have to be quick on spawning the new ones to keep inflicting the maximum damage to it. While all the Pals fight, use the poison arrow to inflict poison and then start shooting at it while staying in close vicinity of the Palbox so that you can spawn a new Pal whenever needed.

Simply repeat the process until its HP gets fully depleted and it falls to succeed in the raid.

Rewards for Defeating Bellanoir Raid Bosses

Defeating every Bellanoir Raid Boss drops several items which include equipment and materials. All the rewards earned from every Bellanoir Raid Boss are mentioned below.

Rewards Earned from Defeating Bellanoir

  • 1x Ancient Civilization Core
  • 1x Training Manual (XL)
  • 1x Training Crystal
  • 1x Multiclimate Undershirt +1
  • Huge Dark Egg (Bellanoir)

Rewards Earned from Defeating Bellanoir Libero

  • 2x Ancient Civilization Core
  • 1x Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) Slab
  • 1x Multiclimate Undershirt +2
  • 1x Power Fruit
  • 1x Stout Fruit
  • 1x Life Fruit
  • 1x Huge Dark Egg (Bellanoir Libero)

Rewards Earned from Defeating Bellanoir Libero (Ultra)

  • 2x Ancient Civilization Core
  • 1x Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) Slab
  • 1x Witch’s Crown (Ultra)
  • 1x Power Fruit
  • 1x Stout Fruit
  • 1x Life Fruit
  • 1x Huge Dark Egg (Bellanoir Libero)

Upon defeating a type of Bellanoir it drops a Huge Dark Egg which allows you to hatch it to get the respective type of Bellanoir. As you cannot catch any Bellanoir version while fighting it, you must get it by hatching their dropped egg after defeating them. However, the Ultra version of Bellanoir Libero drops the same egg as normal Bellanoir Libero so, you will not be able to hatch a Dark Egg to get the Ultra version.

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