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Palworld: How to Get Training Manuals



Palworld: How to Get Training Manuals

Palworld’s new update ( is now live on PC with a number of additions and changes to the game along with a brand-new raid that offers a new Pal, Bellanoir. This is a major update for Palworld and it offers several additions to the items that players can utilize for a better gameplay experience. One of the essential items for your Pals that has been added in this update is the Training Manuals.

Similar to the Innovative Technical Manuals and Ancient Technical Manuals which offer Technology and Ancient Technology Points respectively, the new Training Manuals offer Experience Points but for your Pals. It is a great item to level up your Pals quickly in the game and this guide will help you get every type of Training Manual in Palworld.

How to Get Training Manuals in Palworld

The Training Manuals offer experience points for your Pals upon using the manuals from your inventory and the amount of experience points vary on the type of Training Manual. There are four types of Training Manuals in Palworld which offer from 100 EXP to 100,000 EXP.

  • Training Manual (S) – 100 EXP
  • Training Manual (M) – 1,000 EXP
  • Training Manual (L) – 10,000 EXP
  • Training Manual (XL) – 100,000 EXP

Prevent Camp Raids

Obtaining these types of Training Manuals includes several methods and one of the initial methods that you can pursue is to prevent the Camp Raids. The Camp Raids are quite frequent in Palworld and every few days (in-game), your camp will get attacked by the enemies. Defend your camp by eliminating all of the enemies and there is a chance that the enemies might drop a random type of Training Manual.

Usually, the Training Manuals that are obtained from preventing the Camp Raids are S and M but there is a slight chance that you can get the L one as well.

Loot Chests in the Dungeons & Pal Sanctuaries

Furthermore, for the later methods, start completing the dungeon caves. As you clear the dungeon by defeating a boss at the end, you will find a room with a couple of chests in which you can also find Training Manuals.

Apart from clearing the dungeons, visit the Wildlife Sanctuaries located on the edges of the map to find and loot the chests to also find the Training Manuals. These islands are home to rare Pals and there is a high chance of finding an L and even an XL type of Training Manual.

Additionally, the new raid boss, Bellanoir (Level 30) also has a chance of dropping Training Manual (L) and Training Manual (XL) upon defeating it. However, summoning the raid boss is a sort of a lengthy process so, if you are looking to farm the Training Manuals then clearing the dungeons and looting the chests at Sanctuaries are your best bet.

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