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Palworld: How to Get Homeward Thundercloud & What Does it Do



Palworld: How to Get Homeward Thundercloud & What Does it Do

The new update of Palworld patch offers a series of changes and additions to the game for players to unveil and explore the new content which involves a brand-new raid boss, Bellanoir. Apart from the raid boss, several new items and technologies have been added to the game that players can use for the betterment of their gameplay experience.

One of the new technologies that players can unlock in this new patch is the Homeward Thundercloud which is a consumable item and allows players to fast travel to the nearest base from their location. This guide will help you get the Homeward Thundercloud item and provide information on what it does.

How to Get Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld

The Homeward Thundercloud is a newly added consumable item in Palworld that players can get after unlocking it through the Technology Tree. It is a technology tier 30 item that requires 2 Ancient Technology Points to unlock. You can get the Ancient Technology Points by defeating the World and the Alpha Bosses for the first time. Additionally, defeating the rare Pal Bosses in the Syndicate Towers for the first time also grants Ancient Technology Points.

Upon unlocking the Homeward Thundercloud from the Technology Tree, the next step is to craft it. Crafting it will require a High Quality Workbench or other high-level workbenches along with the following materials.

  • 5x Electric Organ
  • 2x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • 1x Dazzi Cloud

Electric Organs are obtained from defeating or catching the Pals that are of Electric Elemental type. The Ancient Civilization Parts are obtained from defeating the World/Alpha Bosses. Dazzi Cloud is an exclusive drop from Dazzi Pal that can be found in the Dessicated Desert region of the world map. It is located on the northeast side of the map and defeating or catching a Dazzi Pal will get you one Dazzi Cloud.

Upon gathering all the materials, you will be able to craft the Homeward Thundercloud at the required workbench. Simply interact with the workbench and then select the Homeward Thundercloud’s recipe to craft it.

What Does Homeward Thundercloud Do

The Homeward Thundercloud is a consumable item that transports you to the nearest base from your location. It is a new and more efficient way of fast traveling in Palworld which does not require you to go to a fast travel point. Simply, use it from your inventory and you will be transported directly to your nearest base.

However, the Homeward Thundercloud can only be used out in the wild and it cannot be used while in the dungeons. It is only a one-time-use item so to use it to fast travel frequently to your base, you must craft more of them.

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