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Palworld: How to Get Cavern Mushrooms



Palworld: How to Get Cavern Mushrooms

Palworld’s new update ( is now live on PC with a number of additions and changes to the game along with a brand-new raid that offers a new Pal, Bellanoir. This is a major update for Palworld and it offers several additions to the items that players can utilize for a better gameplay experience. One of the essential items for your Pals that has been added in this update is the Cavern Mushroom.

It is a newly added consumable item in Palworld that can be consumed to gain a small amount of nutrition. However, the main use for this new consumable item is to use it to craft the newly added Recovery Meds. As Palworld, doesn’t have any healing items in the previous patches, players will now be able to hold and use the Recovery Meds to heal over time.

It can all be done by getting your hands on the Cavern Mushrooms, and this guide will help you get the Cavern Mushrooms in Palworld.

How to Get the Cavern Mushrooms in Palworld

The Cavern Mushrooms are only found growing inside the caves or dungeons. There are several dungeons in every region of the map and every dungeon will include a number of Cavern Mushrooms inside that players can simply forage.

However, the dungeons also include other materials like ores and flowers so, to recognize the Cavern Mushrooms, you need to look for the green glowing mushrooms on the ground. They can be recognized easily due to their glow and foraging each set of glowing mushrooms on the ground will give you 1x Cavern Mushroom.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the Cavern Mushrooms grow throughout the cave pattern of the dungeon. It is not necessary to defeat the Alpha Boss inside the dungeon to get yourself the Cavern Mushroom. You can find them as you explore every path in the dungeon. It is best to forage every set of mushrooms you see while crawling the dungeon to have a maximum at your disposal.

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